With URLy Host, you’ll gain access to a super easy to use site generation tool. It’s extremely plain to use and it has a dashboard that is going to be instantaneously familiar to everybody who has ever dealt with an admin app. The site generation tool features an array of exceptional site templates which you could modify with a mouse click and make a website as you want. Also, each website template is mobile–friendly, so your new website will be really good on all device types right away.

The site generation tool is a part of the URLy Host Control Panel, included with all cloud hosting, VPS web hosting service, semi-dedicated hosting service, and dedicated servers plans.

An intuitive site generation tool

No web development skills are required

The site generation tool integrated into the URLy Host user interface is pretty simple to use. It empowers you to design your own unique site via plain point–and–click commands. You don’t need to be versed in HTML, CSS or any other web development language. If you’ve already employed an app or simply a text editing software, you will already know how to work with the site generation tool.

Via its dashboard, you can re–order page elements the way you like and set your own style with a click of the mouse. Besides, you can embed images, videos, and even your own blog, etc. in a matter of minutes.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A set of easy–to–redesign website templates

Cool themes that look excellent on every device

With the site generation tool, you’ll gain access to variety of totally free design themes for all sorts of websites such as personal profiles, online stores, community boards, etc.

Each site theme is available in a few layouts and features a variety of color combinations. Also, you will gain access to a vast collection of pre–made images and will have the option to cherry–pick from well over a hundred different fonts for your website. Each site template is optimized for devices. Should you choose to substitute a given site theme, you’ll be able to complete that with just a click. All of the pages and edits you have made will remain intact.

A set of easy–to–redesign website templates

In–built help area and how–to videos

Discover exactly how quick & easy it indeed is to launch a web presence

The URLy Host’s site generation tool has a helpdesk which features very detailed how–to articles and video tutorials triggered by the most commonly asked questions by clients.

You’ll be able to find out how to modify your site theme and launch a new web page. In addition, you’ll be able to watch just how you can opt for a different theme or even add an e–cart onto your website.

In addition, you could contact us at any moment should you need real–time assistance with your website.

Video Tutorials